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Chicago Real Estate News

Budget for Home Renovation

Most homeowners can agree that finding a flawless home designed to suit your style impeccably is rare. Few buyers have an unlimited budget or the resources to customize a new house or condo, which is why remodeling after purchasing your home is a popular workaround. 

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR) 2017 Remodeling Impact Report, Americans spent $340 billion on remodeling in 2015. Over half of homeowners in urban areas like Chicago said they would be willing to remodel their home rather than move.

Unless you’ve purchased a home with the sole intention of renovating and budgeted accordingly, there’s bound to be some down time between the closing and interior upgrades. Setting a budget now gives a better idea of the

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Chicago Housing Market Update - Feb 2018

It may feel chilly outside, but the Chicago real estate market is just beginning to heat up. Every March, Realtorsâ across the Windy City prep their clients for the busy sales season. If you think you may be one of the many Chicago residents to buy or sell this spring, keeping up on the most recent real estate trends ­– both citywide and community-specific – is a must.

According to Illinois REALTORSâ monthly local market update for the City of Chicago, home sales in January fell 10.2 percent year-over-year. The big dip in home sales is largely due to a lack of inventory – there were 10.9 percent fewer Chicago homes for sale in January 2018 compared to January 2017. Meanwhile, the median sales price rose 3.9 percent to $265,000 while time on the

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Chicago Home Staging

If you’ve ever considered selling property, you've likely thought of home staging. Unlike renovations, which alter or improve structural or fixed cosmetic components of a home, home staging is a décor-based strategy used to attract buyers and help homes or condos sell faster. For the most part, alterations are temporary and are more of an advertising tactic and not necessarily a value-add improvement. Staging helps minimize clutter, modernize interiors and demonstrate the functionality of your space. 

The Benefits of Chicago Home Staging

According to the Real Estate Staging Association (RESA), homes which are staged before going on the market sell 73 percent faster, on average, compared to unstaged homes. In 2013, RESA surveyed 170 properties

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Chicago Spring Cleaning Tips

Although it may not always feel like it here in Chicago, the spring season is right around the corner. Thanks to lingering flu and cold viruses, slushy roads, salty sidewalks and dry central heating, many condo owners and apartment dwellers are itching (literally) to clear out the clutter and grime. While spring cleaning helps rid your home of those pesky microorganisms and debris, getting started on such an endeavor can be tricky. 

You don’t need a heavy-duty carpet steamer or power washer to get the job done. Go ahead and pave the way for a happier, healthier spring season with the following simple spring cleaning tips.

  1. Clean out the refrigerator

Now’s the time to sanitize areas of your home that you don’t normally tidy up during your

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West Loop Luxury Apartments

Emme 1 Bed + Den / Z Chicago

Let’s be frank – West Loop luxury apartments aren’t exactly cheap. Many renters find private condos for rent far more cost-effective and spacious. However, renting a private condo in Chicago sometimes mean sacrificing upgraded finishes like quartz countertops and enticing amenities like onsite gyms and rooftop pools. For some, contemporary interior design and onsite comforts are the most important must-haves of all. It all comes down to personal preference, and of course, budget.

Once you’ve decided you want to rent one of West Loop’s many luxury apartments, you still need to make smart financial decisions – especially if you’re trying to save for a down payment concurrently. That’s where apartment concessions come

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Best Chicago Apartment Amenities

One of the best parts of living in a luxury Chicago apartment building over a private home is the amenities. For the most part, apartment high-rises tend to have more onsite conveniences compared to privately-owned condos in mid-rises and walk-ups.

For some, onsite amenities are a must. Pet parents seeking an easier way to care for their furry friends, entrepreneurs in need of workspace to launch their next ventures and fitness enthusiasts who avoid crowded gyms might gravitate toward the towering apartments near the urban core. 

With so many new construction apartment buildings in Chicago to choose from – each equipped with everything renters need to exercise, relax, work and play – it can be difficult to select just one building. We rounded up

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Flipping Houses in Chicago

Flipping houses in Chicago is becoming trickier, but headwinds don’t necessarily negate the potential returns. Locating properties discounted enough to allow wiggle room for closing costs and renovations, and of course, a high return on investment at resale, can be difficult. On average, the gross flipping return in the U.S. is 47.7 percent, not including the costs eaten up by upgrades and fees. Experts estimate these incidentals cost between 20 and 33 percent of the property’s post-repair value.

In the Chicago MSA, flipped homes represent just 4.1 percent of all homes for sale (Q3 2017), according to ATTOM Data Solutions. Over three-quarters of flipped homes are purchased with all-cash, helping investors get an even deeper discount and avoid any

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List Chicago Condo for Rent

Owning real estate is a long-term investment in itself, but listing your Chicago condo for rent to cover mortgage costs or generate passive income is a short-term financial opportunity pursued by many. One quick scan through the thousands of private condos for rent in Chicago proves just how many homeowners today embrace the role of landlord as a side gig or full-time business.

While becoming a landlord to one or several units is hardly an innovative real estate investment practice, not everyone is cut out for the job. Before listing your Chicago condo for rent, take a few minutes to learn what it takes to circumvent mishaps and ensure success.

Check your by-laws

The rise in popularity of Airbnb has led to some major issues in condominium

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Loft Condo in Chicago

Lofts may be Chicago’s swankiest architectural style du jour, but the exact standards that define a true loft condo in Chicago are fairly nuanced. Lofts don’t necessarily need exposed brick, nor do they need a “lofted” second floor bedroom that’s open to the space below. In fact, there are a few different types of lofts in Chicago that vary based on their construction date and structural or aesthetic elements. 

If you’re thinking about buying a loft condo in Chicago, take a minute to learn more about the neighborhoods where you may have the most luck finding the loft of your dreams.

What is a Loft Condo?

By definition, a loft home is any large, open space without internal walls, aside from those that define the bedroom(s) or bathroom(s). Many

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Neighborhoods Near the Loop Chicago

Over 197,000 people work in private sector jobs within Chicago’s urban core, according to the Illinois Department of Employment Security. This area is known locally as the Loop and serves as the primary hub for all things corporate. Despite the Loop’s heavy daytime traffic, recent Census statistics show just 33,442 residents actually call the Loop home. 

The Loop has a lot to offer in terms sightseeing, events, restaurants and most of all, accessibility, but the hustle and bustle of the city center isn’t for everybody. And, since all roads (or nearly all L tracks) lead to the Loop, living outside of the city center and commuting to work is a practical alternative.

If you work in the Loop and are looking for a new apartment or condo nearby,

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