As all of us are spending more time in our homes during these challenging times, we may start to look at our surroundings and think about how we could make them more comfortable, pleasing, and functional.

While some of our home improvement and interior design dreams may need to be deferred for a little bit, there are plenty of trends that you can work on while your home works overtime as an office, school, gym, playground, and restaurant. And there will be a time not too long from now where you can consider and start all of the following home design trends for 2020:

Uniqueness and Authenticity

You can buy the same print, lamp, or coffee table at the Ikea near your house as you could at an Ikea in Sweden. But do you really want the same things that tens of thousands of others have in their homes, or would you rather surround yourself with objects, art, and design that express your own unique personality? Authenticity, rather than what you see other people buying, is this year’s North Star for home design.

Sustainability and Timelessness

Nobody wants a kitchen or living room that screams, “Welcome to 1995!” every time you walk in. For economic and sustainability reasons, you also don’t want to be buying new furniture or redoing your design scheme every few years. Timeless design and quality construction and materials can keep your home up to date and minimize the impact on your wallet and the environment.

Color and Contrast

Warm colors, saturated hues, and jewel tones can make a big impact in any room. High contrast design is also an easy and relatively inexpensive way to craft a striking space. Contrasting molding and trim distinct from wall coloring or wallpapered ceilings can create a dramatic yet attractive effect.

Unique Rugs

Similarly, a rug bold in shape, color, and design can create contrast and make a statement reflective of your personality. Cuban tropical prints and plants that mix glam with botanicals, as well as rugs that use unique materials, will be trending this year.

Handmade Goods

Farm to table. Artisinal and craft. Locally sourced. We use all of these hip terms to describe food and beverages with which we can have a closer connection. The same principle applies to furnishings and décor. Handmade goods by local craftsmen and artisans come with a story and a history, and you can take satisfaction in knowing you are supporting their fantastic creativity and hard work.

No time like right now to make your home the comforting and comfortable sanctuary you want – and need – it to be.