The holiday season comes with a lot of traditions. But when it comes to decking the halls, not everyone is beholden to traditional holiday decorations. Some folks see holiday decorating as an opportunity to express themselves and flex their creative muscles rather than simply putting up the same old tree, the same old lights, and the same old wreath.

If that sounds like you, if you want to make this holiday season modern, stylish, and uniquely you, consider these decorating ideas once you’ve digested your Thanksgiving meal:

  • A forest of mini-Christmas trees. Sure, you may have your big, bright tree under which you put all of the presents, but you can supplement the main attraction with miniature trees made from Christmas tree scraps. Place them on tabletops and mantles throughout your home.
  • Break out of the red and green. Consider a striking monochromatic color scheme for your decorations instead of the traditional red and green palette. You can update your decor without buying new decorations by keeping each separate display consistent in color. A silver, metallic look is a popular option, as are winter whites, berry reds, or even deep navy.
  • Paper décor. DIY paper banners and garlands can add some fun and self-expression throughout your home and are relatively easy to craft. Consider using paper in deep, solid hues like hunter green or maroon.
  • Funky trees. Somewhere between the Rockefeller Plaza tree and Charlie Brown’s tree can be a sweet spot for creative interpretations of a traditional tree, such as this DIY wooden tree easily assembled with dowels and ready for ornaments and other decorations.
  • Modern, minimalist, or metallic wreaths. When every other door has an evergreen wreath, go in a different direction with a stylish and minimalist wreath. Enhance a simple, metallic-style wreath with a few pine cones and fir sprigs to merge the modern with the traditional.
  • Natural dining table accessories. Enhance your holiday table with natural additions such as putting a few sprigs of pine and fresh cinnamon sticks on linen napkins at each place setting, as well as a robust, pine-centric centerpiece.
  • Stylish stand. There is no law that says a Christmas tree stand has to be made of red plastic or otherwise be ugly and uninspiring to do its job. You can find a wide range of stylish stands that can enhance the look of your tree rather than being something you feel compelled to cover up with an equally uninspiring skirt.

However you choose to decorate your home this holiday season, all of us at Z Chicago wish you the happiest and healthiest of holidays and our best wishes for the new year.