It may be one of the smaller rooms in the house, but the humble bathroom plays an oversized role in our daily lives. It’s one of the first places we visit in the morning and the last place we go at night. Functional as it is, with a little effort, creativity, and TLC, the bathroom can also be a sanctuary, a spa, and a place of respite and relaxation.

This year, several design trends and new technology are transforming bathrooms into beautiful, comfortable spaces that serve their purpose with style. If you’re thinking about upgrading your bathroom, think about these seven bathroom design ideas for 2020:

Photo by Z Chicago / NEMA Apartments

Back in black

Whites and greys have dominated bathroom color schemes for a long time, but bold, black fixtures, cabinets, vanities, and other design elements are increasingly popular and make a striking statement.

Smart technology

The Japanese have been ahead of the curve on toilet technology for years. Innovations like seat warmers, automatic lid openers, adjustable air dryers, and built-in deodorizers have become sought-after features that bring toilets ever closer to the “throne” we sometimes jokingly call them. But bathroom tech goes far beyond toilets. Folks are tricking out their bathrooms with Bluetooth speakers, voice-activated water and lighting, smart showers, and automatic sinks, among other creature comforts.

Vintage brass and gold

From high tech to old school, brass and gold-tone fixtures like faucets, cabinet and toilet handles, and other hardware bring a vintage feel that says more than the chrome that often feels invisible. Gold and brass bring depth and dimension and give you a unique way to combine the old with the new.

industrial bathroom

Photo by Z Chicago / 3Eleven Apartments

Industrial chic

Urban and trendy, industrial-style sinks and vanities with metal finishes, wooden accents, or exciting and unique tile patterns are in this year.

Funky tiles

Square is no longer where it’s at. Wall, floor, and backsplash tiles in hexagon, diamond, arabesque, fish scales, or chevron shapes in bold colors and textures are an easy way to change the whole complexion of a bathroom.

Roomy showers and bathtubs

A relaxing bath or refreshing shower can be even more so in luxurious and spacious tubs and shower stalls. Large, free-standing tubs are popular, and open showers can make your bathroom appear more spacious than it is.

Heated floors

When the weather gets cold, so do tile floors. But underfloor heating systems that work with a wide variety of flooring like tile, concrete, vinyl, and wood can make those first steps in the morning pleasantly warm and soothing rather than jarring and chilly.