Summer’s sunshine and warm temperatures provided a rare bright spot for many folks during this otherwise taxing year. That is largely because the weather allowed us to actually interact and socialize with friends and neighbors outside and in-person (while socially distanced, of course). Our backyards and other outdoor living spaces are a lifeline and a source of comfort that can provide something resembling normalcy when entertaining inside your home is not an option.

Just because fall is here doesn’t mean it’s time to hibernate just yet. Your outdoor space can still serve as a peaceful respite from the troubles of the world and give you and your guests a great place to hang out. All it takes are some comfy sweaters, a warm fire, and these great ideas for creating a cozy outdoor living space.

  • Fire pit. The centerpiece of any gathering on a fall evening, a fire pit not only provides warmth, but it also gathers folks around it for conversation, smores, and a sense of comfort. You don’t need bricks and mortar to build a firepit; plenty of high-quality, affordable, and portable fire pits are available at your local home improvement store.
  • String lights. The days are growing shorter and it gets darker in your backyard at what seems a ridiculously early hour. By hanging some decorative string lights overhead, you keep the lights on while also creating a pleasant ambiance.
  • A warm glow and extra light further add to a relaxing atmosphere
  • Outdoor rug. No matter how nice your deck or patio may be, a rug made for the rigors of outdoor life can complement your outdoor furniture and create a unique space within your backyard.
  • Throws and blankets. Keeping warm is a top priority when spending time outside during the fall. Have plenty of warm blankets and throws on hand for when the temperature dips a bit too low for comfort.
  • Lots of comfy seating. Outdoor couches, Adirondack chairs, and other relaxed seating, accompanied by stylish pillows and cushions, can help you and your guests settle in for a pleasant evening.

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