Home design trends come and go, but it can be fun and refreshing to change up your abode’s aesthetic to match the latest trends – especially if you’re looking to sell this year. Although everyone has their own style, rustic shiplap walls, sliding barn doors, and gray everything might not appeal to the majority of today’s buyers.

Here are the six home design trends we think more Chicago homeowners and new developers will adopt in 2019.

Warm Modern Interiors

What is warm modern, you ask? It’s the cozier sister to a contemporary-cool vibe synonymous with Miami high-rise condos. Although cool gray is now overdone, greige (i.e. gray and beige, or gray with warm undertones) provides simplicity to match a variety of décor styles along with a warm and inviting impression. Natural light will still be a coveted quality in 2019 to offset darker accent colors like charcoal gray.

Image: Z Chicago / Burnham Pointe

Industrial Materials

Although Chicago is a bit ahead of the curve on this one, expect to see more industrial materials like concrete, pewter and bronze pop up across the city. Matte black window casings are growing in popularly because of their simplicity and ability to highlight architectural features, almost like you would see in an old warehouse. Just take a look at some of the new construction condos in West Loop to see how developers are merging industrial finishes with modern luxury. Still, overused industrial elements like Edison bulbs, cage lighting and exposed piping might not be as popular – especially in more traditional homes where the style doesn’t match the surroundings.

Brushed Brass and Gunmetal

The ‘80s and early ‘90s were ripe for bright, shiny brass fixtures which briefly made a comeback a few years ago when all-white kitchens with pops of gold graced every trending page on Pinterest. In 2019, expect to see a more muted version of brass that’s equal parts sophisticated and striking. If gold isn’t your thing, gunmetal offers texture and masculinity, and unlike matte black, can blend in easier with its surroundings. For more traditional homes, ditch the ‘00s brushed nickel or cold chrome for a classic polished nickel finish, which emits a softer champagne hue.

Natural Wood Cabinetry

In the ‘00s, the high-end kitchen design was all about dark cherry cabinetry and speckled granite. Now we’re seeing all white everything in both cabinet color and quartz countertops. As we near the end of the ‘10s, expect to see more color brought back into the heart of the home. Hunter green is a big color this year for kitchen cabinets and offers a nice contrast against a white countertop. Even contemporary kitchens may pull in some earthy tones. Rather than stark white glossy slab cabinetry, try natural wood finishes, like oak and walnut, in a streamlined finish to avoid an overly rustic look.

Slab Backsplashes

Subway tile is inexpensive, easy to install and universally likable, but this bathroom and kitchen staple has definitely had a good run in the past six years or so. In 2019, tile backsplashes might wane in favor of sleeker stone slabs that match the countertops for a harmonious look. From a functionality standpoint, the lack of grout lines make cleaning up pasta sauce splatters a breeze.

Image: Z Chicago / Old Town Park